1991 Corvette Coupe Red

1991 Corvette Coupe  
  • Saddle Leather
  • Bose Gold CD Casette
  • Performance Chip
  • Built In Radar Detector
  • Tinted Windows
  • Under 70,000 miles at the end of 2010

This car is not special in terms of milestone Corvettes.  It's not an Anniversary Edition or a Pace Car, and it's not low miles or even perfectly original.  This car is special because it was my first Corvette.  I always loved Corvettes.  Partially because my dad had several of them in the past, but primarily because it defined, for me, the ultimate car. 

I never wanted to have a Corvette as a daily driver.  So it took me forever to get the point where I could afford a second car.  And I will never forget the day, August 26th 1996, when I brought home my first new "used" Corvette.  Since then, this is the car I drove away at my wedding, it has been there with my kids even as tiny tots, and I will never sell it.










Following my friend Krusty (Russ) to Bloomington Gold 1997










1991 Corvette Coupe Red