JetsVettes Screw Ups
Posted on 3-28-2011 by
A few years ago I listed a Franklin Mint Corvette that did not exist (I took a weird picture and assigned it the wrong model year). I got a nice call from Mint Models asking me about that model and then pointing out my mistake. While on the phone they asked me to please take that car off my website because they got calls from ďangry collectorsĒ, who were watching JetsVettes, wanting to know why they did not get that particular model (sorry about that!).
A more pleasant experience came from a mistake I made mislabeling the 1995 Corvette Pace Car collector plate. I mistakenly credited it to a different artist, when the actual artist was Michael Leson. Michaelís brother, Alan, found JetsVettes and noticed the mistake. Alan contacted me to point out the error and asked me to fix it, which I did right away. We exchanged a few pleasant emails and Alan ended up sending me some posters of Michaelís original artwork that was used for that Pace Car collector plate! Talk about coolÖ!
Why I have JetsVettes
Posted on 2-28-2011 by
When I started JetsVettes I really did not have a reason in mind other than to show some pictures of my cars to a business friend of mine in Los Angeles. My friend Louis suggested I create a website so I could show him my cars (I think itís because he lived in LA and wanted to do everything possible to avoid having to visit Indiana!) Since adding write ups and pictures of my cars and collection, and keeping things updated, Iíve had several interesting things happen over the years.
My most popular page is my Franklin Mint Corvette page. I have multiple people follow it and email me and Iíve made some very good friends from this. I have collector friends Iíve never met in person, Iíve gotten leads to buy special models I would otherwise never have known about, and I even (virtually) met the design director over Franklin Mint that led to many acquisitions of one of a kind models. All are very wonderful people.
Posted on 1-28-2011 by
I just figured out how to create, insert, and enjoy a Favicon!  JetsVettes will never be the same...  Hit me with an email if you want to know.