1970 Mint Models Black/Black LE of 10


I'm a member of the Mint Models "Auto Club" which means I am going to automatically purchase every  Franklin Mint Corvette 1:24 scale car (even if not commissioned by Mint Models).  The cool part about membership is that we get all of the rare cars, even the super-low limited edition cars.  The newest 'latest and greatest' cars are shipped and appear like magic.

Auto Club members received this email on 5/22/09 announcing a special limited edition of 10 Franklin Mint 1970 Corvette black over black going up for silent auction.  I immediately started asking questions and saving my pennies because I had to have it.  Click here to see the actual email  

I have to admit I was a little freaked out about this situation.  From the perspective of a collector I've worked so hard to get "every 1:24 scale Franklin Mint Corvette" available.  If I don't bid enough I just blew years of work (and a lot of cash) to get them all.  Too small of a bid means defeat, even though I committed to the Auto Club for all future releases.  Finding a balance was challenging.

This car was a "paint sample" created to evaluate a black-on-black 1970 Franklin Mint Corvette.  Apparently Kevin McGrath, co owner of Mint Models, loves black-on-black Corvettes (who doesn't?) and ordered this model as a paint sample.  His enthusiasm lead to an order of 10 models.

They decided not to offer this model as a production release.  Two of the ten were kept by Michelle and Kevin.  The other eight models were offered to the Auto Club members via a silent auction.  The rest is history.  



We were on our summer vacation in Malibu, California when this car auction was coming to fruition.  I placed my bid with Michelle using my cell phone while we were visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential library in Simi Valley California.                                                        
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