Corvette Indianapolis 500, Indy Pace Car Memorabilia. 2007 C6 Corvette Pace Car Atomic Orange.

My favorite Corvette collection theme is the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.  Before I moved to the Indianapolis area I was drawn to the Pace Cars.  But after moving here in 1992, I've been going to the track every May.  The Corvette Pace Car years are extra special.


2008 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car


The 10th Corvette Pacer!  This year is much different.  The race kicks off with the Green E85 Z06 Corvette Pace Car on the first lap.  Then the Black convertible and coupes will split duty on the rest of the race.  500 Corvette Pace cars will be available to the public again this year.  This is also the 30th anniversary of the first Corvette Pace car from 1978.


Corvette has now paced the race 10 times!  Check out my photo blog of the 2007 race or 2007 pole day.



                   Corvette Pace Car Memorabilia


                                                           Corvette Pace Car License Plates


Indy 500 Pole day.  May 12, 2007 See our family Pole Day Photo Blog


2007 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car


This is the 9th time Corvette has paced the race, 4th straight for Corvette.  This year's pacer starts with Atomic Orange paint, and as always, includes special graphics, embroidered seats, and other distinguishing features.  Unlike the last 4 Corvette Pace Cars, this year is actually available from GM in a limited edition of 500 cars!


A first look at the Indy 500 Museum in February 2007!